If you are like most of us, I bet you are seriously in the December stress mode, right?  What is it about Christmas that makes us so nucking futts?  You probably don’t allow yourself any “down” time, you are probably eating on the run, you are juggling personal needs with Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, errands, phone calls, emails, cards, etc. etc.

STOP IT!   Take a moment, catch your breath, and think about your priorities. 

 Whatever you do please be good to yourself.  Don’t get stressed, don’t overeat, and whatever you do, please do not use this time of year as an excuse to eat all that awful stuff available at the shopping malls.  I know, I know, it’s so easy just to grab something at the food court or on your way home, but let me tell you that this is probably the worst thing you can give yourself for Christmas. 

What did you say?  Giving myself something for Christmas?  YUP!!  Extra pounds, bad fat, feelings of unbearable guilt, sense of failure and…drum roll please…total defeat! And that my dear friend is called the yo-yo syndrome.  Take it from me, we have all done this.  The pounds are coming off, the dress size is shrinking, then we start with just one bad thing to eat, followed by just another and another, and then we say:  “I will start again next year after the holidays”.  Only now you have even more weight to get rid of.  Sound familiar?   Or perhaps you have thought of starting a better and healthier way of life, but are telling yourself that this will happen “after the holidays”…Will now be your New Year’s Resolution.  Really? Seriously? And how many unwanted pounds will you have the pleasure of dealing with after the first of January?  YIKES!

Instead, try doing this for the holiday “futsies”:

 1.)  Plan your food for the day.   Have a decent breakfast, plan ahead for lunch, put something in the crock-pot for dinner.  I find that the crock-pot is a treasure this time of year.  Add a green salad or veggies and you have it made in the shade. Dinner is ready when you are.  Remember however, no potatoes in that pot.

 2.) Take time for yourself:  15 to 20 minutes to read a chapter in your favorite book or magazine, listen to music with your feet up with a cup of tea or coffee, or how about just staring into space and letting your mind relax.

 3.) Take a walk, move your body, and get the holiday kinks out.

 OMG, we tried a new breakfast treat this morning, was it ever yummy:


Everything in the recipe is low GI. For rapid weight loss.

 ¼ Cup chickpea (garbanzo) flour

4 fresh eggs

1-cup low fat small curd cottage cheese

¼ tsp vanilla

 Blend well in a blender until batter consistency.  I used my $20.00 Ninja for this.

Drop by tablespoons on hot griddle.  Turn over when top bubbles. 

Serve with SOHGAVE Maple syrup.  (We will be carrying this product shortly). GI= 17

Or 100% peanut butter topped with St. Dafour natural jam.  (Will also have this available shortly, check our products tab for new goodies coming soon.)  Or just with butter and a bit of natural Agave nectar sprinkled over.  These are wonderful, Guilt free, and


 Now go out and happily conquer the holiday madness!  See you next week, remember, if you are on the low glycemic method, NO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF. YOUR CLOTHES WILL TELL YOU AND SO WILL YOUR BODY.

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