New Year Resolutions. Help me someone!

Holy Cow, have you seen all those commercials for diet pills, diet shakes, exercise machines, club memberships, food supplements, and vitamins?  All in the name of losing weight?  You could spend a kings ransom just purchasing one or two of those helpful products, but why would you want to do that?

First of all, you may lose weight initially, but then you will probably go back to the way you were eating before going on this “new regime” because you have either lost the weight and all is well again, or you have “cheated just a little” and fallen off the diet,  right?

The minute you go back to your “normal way of eating”  you will  gain all the weight back and then some.  You  will feel guilty, ashamed, defeated, and unhappy that you could not “stay with it” forever.  OMG, how on earth can anyone stay on those crash diets and pills forever?  How on earth can anyone deprive themselves forever?  How on earth can anyone afford to eat only pre-packaged “good for you foods” from some weight loss company?  How on earth can anyone feel hungry forever? Are you kidding me? Let me tell you first hand that I have been there and done that…more times than I dare admit.  I am now 60 pounds and 3+ dress sizes lighter, and all without deprivation or starvation.  We enjoy all food groups including chocolate and desserts and whole grains.  What we do not enjoy are sugars, processed and fried dead foods, overly refined products, and sugary drinks.

The only New Year Resolution and “diet” you need is to resolve to eat better, healthier, greener, and cleaner…not just for the New Year resolution to lose weight, but for life!

The Glycemic Method is a way to count the glycemic index of foods. The glycemic index is a measurement of the sugars contained in the foods you eat.  The more sugar you ingest, the more weight you will gain.  Your body will produce insulin which is a weight gain hormone designed to help your body store unused sugars; which then turn into fat.  Pure and simple, easy to understand right?

One of the best sources of help to understand this is my favorite website:

Michel Montignac was a pioneer in the field of glycemic index.  His methodology has since been corroborated by several leading Universities, and is now being used more and more for the control of weight and managment of type II diabetes.   There have been many books written on the subject, GI has become a buzz word for weight loss, and many popular diet books are taken from the original concept.  However, the basics found on the website and in the still existing books written by Michel Montignac, are the simplest and easiest to understand and follow.

You will FINALLY make that lifetime commitment to eat well, stay healthy, and look great…best of all it won’t cost you a cent.  By eating your way to a slimmer body, the extra weight will come off and stay off.

In the next blog I will share with you some of the foods we no longer care to eat, and lots of the foods we enjoy on a regular basis.  All without counting calories, exercising to death, or taking horrific body altering pills.

Happy New Year and Happy New life!


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