Once upon a time many years ago someone said that “you are what you eat”.  In this day and age, with so many of us suffering from debilitating ailments I have to wonder howcum we have not paid more attention to this old adage?  We eat processed grains, sugars, chips, soda pop with and without sugar, fast food, and anything which comes to our hands to stave off hunger.  We feed our children boxed cereal loaded with sugars to start their day. We consume copious amounts of crackers and chips and cookies and hamburgers “super sized with fries” all in the name of having a meal or curbing a craving.  We are getting fatter, our children are getting fatter, and then our life becomes complicated by disease and a general sense of malaise.  We go on diets to “lose weight forever”, we exercise to the point of exhaustion, we count calories “knowing” that we will be happier, and we join FAD DIETS –who put us on this treadmill in the first place?  WE DID!

I need to tell you right here and now: STOP IT!!  You do not need to count calories, you do not need to exercise to the point of exhaustion, you do not need to go on yet another “fad diet”, all you really need to do is understand how the glycemic count works and how easy it is to implement it into your every day life.

My mantra continues:  Please, please, please, do yourself a huge favor and order the Michel Montignac book:  “The Glycemic Diet“.  Amazon.com in paperback  Published 2005 cost:  $15.99 USD.  This is the only investment you will ever need to make in order to regain your basic health, lose the excess weight, and keep it off forever.  No gimmicks, no weekly delivery of “low glycemic foods”,  no memberships in health clubs, no added expenses!  As a matter of fact, your grocery bills will probably decrease in a major way.  And who does not want to save money on groceries?

The glycemic-count (index) is a natural and delicious way of enjoying your food.   Unlike so many fad diets we have “worshipped” in the past, this is NOT A DIET.  You will never again yo-yo up and yo-yo down.  The weight will come off easily and the weight will stay off forever.

My husband and I are living proof of this.  Our goal weights have easily been achieved, but our eating habits remain the same.  Meats, poultry, game, fish, vegetables, cheese, grains, fruits, desserts, chocolate,  and yes my friend even wine every evening.  We have never and will never feel deprived, nor do we consider this the dreaded four letter word:  Diet.  No way, this is not a diet, this is adhering to the basic concept of “you are what you eat”.  Now that we understand how and why this works, we are living proof.

Ok, so I promised in my last blog that I would share our “windshield time of eating” driving from the West Coast to the East Coast.  The trip was slow and easy taking us a total of 4 days:

On the first day out we had breakfast at home which consisted of an omelet made with bacon, tomatoes, chives, and cheese.  Served with fresh crisp bacon and some wonderful blueberries.   Our lunch was homemade egg salad rolled into fresh romaine leaves, unsweetened natural applesauce which I found at Costco in little single servings, iced tea, and a piece of 72% chocolate bar.  Dinner was at Applebees:  Teriyake chicken breast served over fresh steamed veggies, grilled pineapple, caesar salad, red wine.

Second day we enjoyed a huge Starbucks Latte, followed by eggs over easy, tomato slices, cottage cheese and fresh fruit.  Lunch we had sliced gala apples combined with white Vermont cheddar cheese.  I had brought these with us from home saving them in a little styrofoam ice chest,  so we sliced them on the road…good thing the eyesight isn’t going 🙂  Dinner was at “Logan’s steakhouse” in Oklahoma.  OMG, a giant hamburger with avocado, mushrooms, and all the fixings.  Only difference was that we ate them without the glue bread processed bun.  Wine of course and lots of peanuts while waiting.

Third day out:  St.Louis Mo.  Pappies smokehouse ribs to kill for!  An entire slab of famous St.Louis ribs, slow cooked all day.  We had green beans and coleslaw to help wash this all down.  OMG, talk about delicious.   Lunch was simple because we knew that those ribs were waiting for us.  By the way, you have to go to Pappies early because when they are sold out it is gone for the day!  The lines reach out the door and down the street.

Not so bad for being on a new way of eating, right?  Does this sound like suffering to you? NOPE!!  I will wait another few days before I go into the finite of the glycemic-count. Hopefully by then you will have the book in your hand and can follow along.  We will then start on suggested foods to have in your frig and suggested foods that perhaps need to be given away forever.

Take care, be well, more news at 11:00


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  1. Joy says:

    Thank you for this post. My husband and I are currently considering making some changes in our family’s diet. This Mom’s Guide (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/) says that tooth decay is one of the most common illnesses among kids because of how much sugar they consume. Not only that but everyone’s concerned about childhood obesity these days. We have 2 boys and as I was reflecting on the things they eat (and gasp – how much fast food we eat each week!) I started to realize what they are eating is because of our choices. Look forward to hearing more about this glycemic method.

  2. wuntonsoup1 says:

    Hi Joy,
    Thank you for your post. YES, tooth decay is a major concern these days. It’s great that you are looking at what your two boys are eating and considering making changes. The school lunches served are a crime. There is no need to deprive your children of favorite foods, just a need to be super aware of how those foods are affecting their bodies, and the patterns that are being set for life. Fresh fruits, unprocessed grains, treats made at home with better ingredients will increase energy, promote well being, and keep them healthy. Reduce the amounts of sugar and “krap” they eat in the form of fast foods whenever possible. To be brutally clear: Sugar should carry a health warning just like smoking does.
    Good luck, feel free to question, I would be pleased to answer.

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