We just ate the chocolate mousse!

Chocolate mousse?  On a low glycemic count lifestyle?  Chocolate on the breath and no pounds lurking?  No Guilt, no Worry, no Problem?    YUP!

You see, the incredibly delicious, light, and decadent chocolate mousse was made with 72% cocoa solids -dark chocolate.  This was teamed with eggs separated and the whites whipped till they screamed,  1 tbsp of cream, glorious fresh raspberries, and fresh orange zest.  All combined together and gently folded into a light and fluffy mousse fit for the finest gourmet restaurants anywhere.  I served this in glass ramekins with a berry on top.  Fabulous!

This treat is not an uncommon occurance in our food world.  We enjoy many wonderful foods without ever feeling guilty or fearing the dreadful weight gain.  As a matter of fact, we enjoy chocolate every day.

There are many fad G.I. diets out there, every one of them has their own spin in order to make the most money $$$$$$ possible, or perhaps not to be accused of plagiarism? Unfortunately, these fad diets are not always correct nor are they good for you.  Yes, you will lose weight, but keeping it off without the yo-yo syndrome is another matter.

Basically, and most easily understood is the concept that “weight gain is not caused by high caloric intake, but by consuming carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.  That is, those which convert rapidly to sugar in the bloodstream.  This in turn triggers chemical reactions in the body that cause it to store unwanted fat.  Weight loss is not achieved by counting calories, but rather by limiting certain types of foods”.     Holy Frijole, no more calories to worry about?  How wonderful is that?

The “Montignac Method” is a scientifically proven system of eating (British Journal of Nutrition—November 2001)  not just for weight loss, but also for long-term weight control.  It is designed to aid weight loss, but unlike a diet, also helps to maintain that weight loss for a lifetime.

Have you ordered the book yet?  It is not difficult, it is not a catchy come-on, it is absolutely fact which has been proven!   “The Montignac Diet” by Michel Montignac. Available on Amazon for $15.98 in paperback.  Buy the book and be sure to download the glycemic index, from their wonderful website: http://www.montignac.com.  Once you have read and basically understand how high glycemic foods,  processed foods, junk foods, and unhealthy additives affect your body, you will be well on your way to success.  You will understand fully why the American public are becoming the most obese peoples in the world. You will understand fully why American children are fat and unhealthy. You will understand fully how the wrong foods affect your total being.  You will understand completely why diabetes and disease are running rampant in our country…and so needlessly.

You will enjoy delicious, normal, and healthy food without having to adjust a thing in the name of “being on a diet”.  You will never again be “on a diet”…you will be wearing a beautiful body instead 🙂  FOR LIFE!

Do you want to know what went with the decadent (not!) chocolate mousse?  Here was this evening’s menu:

A mix of macadamia nuts and dry roasted almonds served with a glass of red wine.  That was the appetizer while the grill was going.

Followed by marinated and grilled flank steak.  Thinly sliced along side giant fresh steamed artichokes with a mayo dressing for dipping those healthy leaves.  A glorious salad of sweet red tomatoes mixed with fresh basil leaves and creamy, cubed mozzarella cheese, dressed (remember, we don’t like naked salads) with virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  (This salad is called “caprese” in Italy)  Plus a 1/2 avocado.  BURP.

You never again have to think about spending money on “special food” for the yo-yo diet you want to try in the hopes of losing 50 pounds in a week.  The glycemic-count is easy, inexpensive, healthy, and delicious.

Next week we are off on a road trip to the East Coast.  We will be eating in restaurants (OMG, how scary is that?) while sitting for hours in the car.  Stay tuned, I will give you a blow by blow description of life behind the windshield without nibbling on chips or chocolate Oreo cookies to while away the time.    From there we will be going to Italy again…talk about scary?  OH NO!    No matter where you are, the glycemic- count works.

Bye for now, stay tuned for more news soon.


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