This is NOT about counting calories, nor carbs, nor portion control…NOT even about exercising until you want to die.  It is all about the GLYCEMIC COUNT.  It is all about losing weight and inches and feeling wonderful again.  It is all about healthy, tasty, even gourmet foods and never ever feeling guilty again.

It is all about keeping the weight off and never again having to worry about what and how you enjoy your food—no matter if you are at home, away on business, enjoying a well-earned vacation, or celebrating that special event. If you follow the method, you won’t ever gain your weight back.  LIfe will be perfectly normal.

OMG, I have been on so many diets it would make your head spin.  Just to name a few:  Weight Watchers in the early 70’s where we became proficient in slicing a piece of white “wonder bread” in half  (we then had one slice of bread, which became the two pieces for a sandwich) making a “real sandwich” for lunch.  Oh yes, then there was the liver once a week rule so that iron was in the diet, and fish 3 times a week too!  We ended up burning a hole in the middle of my favorite pan with the varied nasty spices used to poach the fish.  It took 8 months to lose 30 pounds—the reward for which was a lifetime membership and promptly gaining 50 pounds back as we congratulated ourselves on such a success.  Or, how about the aversion diet; we were told to chew everything at least 20 times, look in the mirror the entire time we were eating, and then look at ourselves with mouths open to see how the “food” looked.  No weight was lost on that one, only our minds!  Or, better yet, I had  personal weight loss therapy twice a week with a psychologist who helped me understand my “emotional eating” among other things.  And then of course there was the diet to beat all diets”  Phen-Phen!!! yipeeee.   I became skinny as hell for about 6 months, (lost 45 pounds, looked like a million bucks but felt like —-oh you know!  From  that one, 70 pounds were gained back along with a healthy fear about my heart valves.  What was I thinking?  Just call me “YO_YO” can you relate?  The total cost of all these diets combined probably would have bought us a small villa in the south of France.

We were obese enough to create diabetes 2 – heart issues – couch potatoes syndrome – and a continuing malaise.  Yet we ate and ate and ate –all the wrong things until that fateful day last May!

We now eat and eat and eat all the right foods and the weight is still coming off.  No joke, would you believe that last week I thought the washing machine was stretching all my new T-shirts. (Little like the dryer shrinking your underwear, I know mine did.)  Until I realized that it wasn’t the washing machine at all, it was my body still happily at work.  I am thrilled to buy new T-shirts among other things.

Our first day of eating healthy using the GLYCEMIC COUNT found us at the shopping mall outside of Florence, Italy.  We were starving, the food court was crammed full of Italians chowing down on gorgeous food and slurping their wine.  What were we going to do now?  How would we start? What would we eat?  We walked among the tables peaking at everyone’s plate, then we gathered our courage and stepped up to the counter to order:  NO PROBLEM, here was our lunch:  A glorious salad of mixed greens with fresh sliced fennel bulbs (popular in Italy), little ruby-red tomatoes, black olives and shredded raw carrots.  Dressed (who eats a naked salad?) with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and delectable balsamic vinegar.  This was followed by a large chicken breast which had been seasoned, grilled, and sliced, served on a bed of arugula and topped with parmesan shavings.  Mineral water and a great glass of Chianti (hey we are in Tuscany remember?)  to help us suffer the meal, and a cappuccino tall with creamy white foam as dessert.  We were stuffed.

Were we really supposed to eat all those things and still lose weight?  Couldn’t be true could it?  YES absolutely.

So, now, for you–the first thing to do is go to http://www.montignac.com and print out the glycemic index of foods.  While you are doing this, send your flying fingers to Amazon.com and order the book:  THE MONTIGNAC DIET. Dec 2005.  Paperback.  Blue Book with a wine glass full of red wine  on the cover.  The entire investment will cost you $15.98 USD.  BUY THIS BOOK.   It is a $15.98 investment which will become your best friend and serve you well.  (was that a pun?)

From there we will continue together.  You will have questions, I will have answers and some great recipes and sources to share.  The only thing you have to lose is bad health and excess weight. No more Fad diets, no more Yo-Yo syndrome.  What you will gain is self-respect, feeling and looking wonderful, and above all… your good health.

See you soon, hopefully after you have read the book, I will help you understand the basic concept.  The rest is easy and delicious.

Till later,


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