You May Be Wondering…

Glycemic Method?  Eat yourself slim?  Are you kidding me? 

On our way to the summer digs in Italy, airline tickets purchased and bags were packed. Just needed a quick stop at the doctor for the last minute check-in for normal test results. A cardiac event some years ago required the yearly check in before we could go anywhere.

Our world crashed; the diagnosis was Diabetes type 2.  Add to that, at least 50 pounds had to go!  Insulin in tablet form was prescribed to be taken with every meal.  A complicated dietary exchange booklet was handed to us in order to count carbs, sugars, and foods in general. What… No more pasta? No more pizza? No more chocolate?  No more wine? Life as we knew it seemed to have gone down the drain.

We took our shell shocked selves and boarded the plane bound for beautiful food land, thinking that this was the end of our life as we knew and loved it.  We dutifully read the booklet, ate a bland and complicated diet, spent most of our waking moments trying to figure out what to exchange for what, and were generally miserable not to mention hungry!

With your permssion I need to digress so that you understand the background to this blog:

7 years ago we were invited to dinner with friends in Austria. We had only just met them a few months before.  She prefaced the invitation by saying that they were on the “Glycemic Method” and that she would be serving us the same thing they ate.  It seems that while she is very thin anyway, he had been given instructions by his physician to lose weight.  At the time of our dinner, he had apparently already shed 30 pounds in a very short time.

Dinner was fresh salmon which had been marinated and grilled.  Served with a lovely green salad, incredibly green broccoli, and delectable white asparagus with drawn butter on the side.  We had the choice of a crisp white wine or a deep red wine to accompany the meal.  Dessert was an assortment of cheese served with fresh berries, and of course the famous Austrian Schlagobers (whipped cream) to go with the berries and the coffee.  How on earth did he lose all that weight so quickly eating that?

My friend handed me her secret weapon:  “The Montignac Methode”, written in German of course.  Holy cow, I needed to slog through this boring thing and in German no less?  She gave me the book as a gift;  little did I realize that it would be the most wonderful gift we could have ever received.   We took it with us to Italy where I spent the next days reading the book cover to cover in my Mother’s language.   Then I promptly put it down again and forgot about it for a very long time.  Until that dreadful day last May…

By the time we arrived in Italy, I had decided that it was time to do something about the excess weight for us both.  That there was no way in hell I was going to spend the rest of my life counting and exchanging foods from a booklet, that Mr. Man Unit was not going to take insulin in tablet form for the rest of his life, that we had too much of a life to live, and that this could be achieved quite easily.  I ran for the book on the dusty bookshelf!!!

That was a year ago.  Let me tell you that he has lost over 65 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds. We have both gone down three (count them) three sizes in our clothes.  He is no longer taking insulin. The blood sugars are normal.   His cholesterol bad levels went down over 40 points and his good levels came up over 22 points.  Yesterday he told me that he found a belt he wore in high school which now fits…pretty good wouldnt you agree?  And we eat and we eat and we eat.  And when we are hungry we eat some more!  We have wine on a daily basis, we enjoy lovely cheese, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy, grains, pasta, and CHOCOLATE.

The “Montignac Methode” was then ordered from Amazon.UK  because I needed a reference in English.  This book along with a couple of others by Michel Montignac were my “daily bread” so to speak for months.  Never a day went by that it was not in my hand either for a recipe or a reference.  The glycemic method has saved our tails in more ways than one.  I invite you to check out this link:

“Back before anyone else talked about the glycemic index in relation to weight control, and long before the many fad “GI” diets of today, there was Michel Montignac.   Msr. Montignac was the first in 1986- in a line of many to follow- to use the glycemic index for weight control.  He developed a scientifically proven system of eating not just for weight loss but for long-term weight control:  he called it the “Montignac Method”.

“Rejecting long held beliefs, Michel Montignac asserted that high-glycemic carbohydrates like refined grains and sugars—-not total caloric intake—–cause weight gain.  He maintained that weight loss is not achieved by counting calories but by limiting certain types of food.”   AND THIS IS WHAT THIS BLOG WILL TEACH YOU TO DO EASILY AND WITH TERRIFIC HEALTHY RESULTS.

There are no gimmicks, only delicious foods in multiple styles and cuisines with wonderful results.  Anyone can do this; no matter the age, lifestyle, or income level.

Stay tuned, “more news at 11:00”.  Enjoy your wonderful day!


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2 Responses to You May Be Wondering…

  1. I’m here and listening, reading with great interest. waiting for chapter 2. GOOD FOR YOU!!! HOORAY for such fabulous results and TRIPLE HOORAY for getting Mr Man off the meds too! Time ffor us to do the same……before MY Mr Man is in the same boat.

    • wuntonsoup1 says:

      Thank you so much Senorita Chica! I would be willing to help in any way that I can. Yes, obesity is the first step to all kinds of problems not the least of which is diabetes 2. We had to learn this the very hard way, at a very late age. However, they say you are never too old to learn. 🙂 HOORAY for you!!!

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