If you are like most of us, I bet you are seriously in the December stress mode, right?  What is it about Christmas that makes us so nucking futts?  You probably don’t allow yourself any “down” time, you are probably eating on the run, you are juggling personal needs with Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, errands, phone calls, emails, cards, etc. etc.

STOP IT!   Take a moment, catch your breath, and think about your priorities. 

 Whatever you do please be good to yourself.  Don’t get stressed, don’t overeat, and whatever you do, please do not use this time of year as an excuse to eat all that awful stuff available at the shopping malls.  I know, I know, it’s so easy just to grab something at the food court or on your way home, but let me tell you that this is probably the worst thing you can give yourself for Christmas. 

What did you say?  Giving myself something for Christmas?  YUP!!  Extra pounds, bad fat, feelings of unbearable guilt, sense of failure and…drum roll please…total defeat! And that my dear friend is called the yo-yo syndrome.  Take it from me, we have all done this.  The pounds are coming off, the dress size is shrinking, then we start with just one bad thing to eat, followed by just another and another, and then we say:  “I will start again next year after the holidays”.  Only now you have even more weight to get rid of.  Sound familiar?   Or perhaps you have thought of starting a better and healthier way of life, but are telling yourself that this will happen “after the holidays”…Will now be your New Year’s Resolution.  Really? Seriously? And how many unwanted pounds will you have the pleasure of dealing with after the first of January?  YIKES!

Instead, try doing this for the holiday “futsies”:

 1.)  Plan your food for the day.   Have a decent breakfast, plan ahead for lunch, put something in the crock-pot for dinner.  I find that the crock-pot is a treasure this time of year.  Add a green salad or veggies and you have it made in the shade. Dinner is ready when you are.  Remember however, no potatoes in that pot.

 2.) Take time for yourself:  15 to 20 minutes to read a chapter in your favorite book or magazine, listen to music with your feet up with a cup of tea or coffee, or how about just staring into space and letting your mind relax.

 3.) Take a walk, move your body, and get the holiday kinks out.

 OMG, we tried a new breakfast treat this morning, was it ever yummy:


Everything in the recipe is low GI. For rapid weight loss.

 ¼ Cup chickpea (garbanzo) flour

4 fresh eggs

1-cup low fat small curd cottage cheese

¼ tsp vanilla

 Blend well in a blender until batter consistency.  I used my $20.00 Ninja for this.

Drop by tablespoons on hot griddle.  Turn over when top bubbles. 

Serve with SOHGAVE Maple syrup.  (We will be carrying this product shortly). GI= 17

Or 100% peanut butter topped with St. Dafour natural jam.  (Will also have this available shortly, check our products tab for new goodies coming soon.)  Or just with butter and a bit of natural Agave nectar sprinkled over.  These are wonderful, Guilt free, and


 Now go out and happily conquer the holiday madness!  See you next week, remember, if you are on the low glycemic method, NO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF. YOUR CLOTHES WILL TELL YOU AND SO WILL YOUR BODY.

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New Year Resolutions. Help me someone!

Holy Cow, have you seen all those commercials for diet pills, diet shakes, exercise machines, club memberships, food supplements, and vitamins?  All in the name of losing weight?  You could spend a kings ransom just purchasing one or two of those helpful products, but why would you want to do that?

First of all, you may lose weight initially, but then you will probably go back to the way you were eating before going on this “new regime” because you have either lost the weight and all is well again, or you have “cheated just a little” and fallen off the diet,  right?

The minute you go back to your “normal way of eating”  you will  gain all the weight back and then some.  You  will feel guilty, ashamed, defeated, and unhappy that you could not “stay with it” forever.  OMG, how on earth can anyone stay on those crash diets and pills forever?  How on earth can anyone deprive themselves forever?  How on earth can anyone afford to eat only pre-packaged “good for you foods” from some weight loss company?  How on earth can anyone feel hungry forever? Are you kidding me? Let me tell you first hand that I have been there and done that…more times than I dare admit.  I am now 60 pounds and 3+ dress sizes lighter, and all without deprivation or starvation.  We enjoy all food groups including chocolate and desserts and whole grains.  What we do not enjoy are sugars, processed and fried dead foods, overly refined products, and sugary drinks.

The only New Year Resolution and “diet” you need is to resolve to eat better, healthier, greener, and cleaner…not just for the New Year resolution to lose weight, but for life!

The Glycemic Method is a way to count the glycemic index of foods. The glycemic index is a measurement of the sugars contained in the foods you eat.  The more sugar you ingest, the more weight you will gain.  Your body will produce insulin which is a weight gain hormone designed to help your body store unused sugars; which then turn into fat.  Pure and simple, easy to understand right?

One of the best sources of help to understand this is my favorite website:

Michel Montignac was a pioneer in the field of glycemic index.  His methodology has since been corroborated by several leading Universities, and is now being used more and more for the control of weight and managment of type II diabetes.   There have been many books written on the subject, GI has become a buzz word for weight loss, and many popular diet books are taken from the original concept.  However, the basics found on the website and in the still existing books written by Michel Montignac, are the simplest and easiest to understand and follow.

You will FINALLY make that lifetime commitment to eat well, stay healthy, and look great…best of all it won’t cost you a cent.  By eating your way to a slimmer body, the extra weight will come off and stay off.

In the next blog I will share with you some of the foods we no longer care to eat, and lots of the foods we enjoy on a regular basis.  All without counting calories, exercising to death, or taking horrific body altering pills.

Happy New Year and Happy New life!


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Once upon a time many years ago someone said that “you are what you eat”.  In this day and age, with so many of us suffering from debilitating ailments I have to wonder howcum we have not paid more attention to this old adage?  We eat processed grains, sugars, chips, soda pop with and without sugar, fast food, and anything which comes to our hands to stave off hunger.  We feed our children boxed cereal loaded with sugars to start their day. We consume copious amounts of crackers and chips and cookies and hamburgers “super sized with fries” all in the name of having a meal or curbing a craving.  We are getting fatter, our children are getting fatter, and then our life becomes complicated by disease and a general sense of malaise.  We go on diets to “lose weight forever”, we exercise to the point of exhaustion, we count calories “knowing” that we will be happier, and we join FAD DIETS –who put us on this treadmill in the first place?  WE DID!

I need to tell you right here and now: STOP IT!!  You do not need to count calories, you do not need to exercise to the point of exhaustion, you do not need to go on yet another “fad diet”, all you really need to do is understand how the glycemic count works and how easy it is to implement it into your every day life.

My mantra continues:  Please, please, please, do yourself a huge favor and order the Michel Montignac book:  “The Glycemic Diet“. in paperback  Published 2005 cost:  $15.99 USD.  This is the only investment you will ever need to make in order to regain your basic health, lose the excess weight, and keep it off forever.  No gimmicks, no weekly delivery of “low glycemic foods”,  no memberships in health clubs, no added expenses!  As a matter of fact, your grocery bills will probably decrease in a major way.  And who does not want to save money on groceries?

The glycemic-count (index) is a natural and delicious way of enjoying your food.   Unlike so many fad diets we have “worshipped” in the past, this is NOT A DIET.  You will never again yo-yo up and yo-yo down.  The weight will come off easily and the weight will stay off forever.

My husband and I are living proof of this.  Our goal weights have easily been achieved, but our eating habits remain the same.  Meats, poultry, game, fish, vegetables, cheese, grains, fruits, desserts, chocolate,  and yes my friend even wine every evening.  We have never and will never feel deprived, nor do we consider this the dreaded four letter word:  Diet.  No way, this is not a diet, this is adhering to the basic concept of “you are what you eat”.  Now that we understand how and why this works, we are living proof.

Ok, so I promised in my last blog that I would share our “windshield time of eating” driving from the West Coast to the East Coast.  The trip was slow and easy taking us a total of 4 days:

On the first day out we had breakfast at home which consisted of an omelet made with bacon, tomatoes, chives, and cheese.  Served with fresh crisp bacon and some wonderful blueberries.   Our lunch was homemade egg salad rolled into fresh romaine leaves, unsweetened natural applesauce which I found at Costco in little single servings, iced tea, and a piece of 72% chocolate bar.  Dinner was at Applebees:  Teriyake chicken breast served over fresh steamed veggies, grilled pineapple, caesar salad, red wine.

Second day we enjoyed a huge Starbucks Latte, followed by eggs over easy, tomato slices, cottage cheese and fresh fruit.  Lunch we had sliced gala apples combined with white Vermont cheddar cheese.  I had brought these with us from home saving them in a little styrofoam ice chest,  so we sliced them on the road…good thing the eyesight isn’t going 🙂  Dinner was at “Logan’s steakhouse” in Oklahoma.  OMG, a giant hamburger with avocado, mushrooms, and all the fixings.  Only difference was that we ate them without the glue bread processed bun.  Wine of course and lots of peanuts while waiting.

Third day out:  St.Louis Mo.  Pappies smokehouse ribs to kill for!  An entire slab of famous St.Louis ribs, slow cooked all day.  We had green beans and coleslaw to help wash this all down.  OMG, talk about delicious.   Lunch was simple because we knew that those ribs were waiting for us.  By the way, you have to go to Pappies early because when they are sold out it is gone for the day!  The lines reach out the door and down the street.

Not so bad for being on a new way of eating, right?  Does this sound like suffering to you? NOPE!!  I will wait another few days before I go into the finite of the glycemic-count. Hopefully by then you will have the book in your hand and can follow along.  We will then start on suggested foods to have in your frig and suggested foods that perhaps need to be given away forever.

Take care, be well, more news at 11:00


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We just ate the chocolate mousse!

Chocolate mousse?  On a low glycemic count lifestyle?  Chocolate on the breath and no pounds lurking?  No Guilt, no Worry, no Problem?    YUP!

You see, the incredibly delicious, light, and decadent chocolate mousse was made with 72% cocoa solids -dark chocolate.  This was teamed with eggs separated and the whites whipped till they screamed,  1 tbsp of cream, glorious fresh raspberries, and fresh orange zest.  All combined together and gently folded into a light and fluffy mousse fit for the finest gourmet restaurants anywhere.  I served this in glass ramekins with a berry on top.  Fabulous!

This treat is not an uncommon occurance in our food world.  We enjoy many wonderful foods without ever feeling guilty or fearing the dreadful weight gain.  As a matter of fact, we enjoy chocolate every day.

There are many fad G.I. diets out there, every one of them has their own spin in order to make the most money $$$$$$ possible, or perhaps not to be accused of plagiarism? Unfortunately, these fad diets are not always correct nor are they good for you.  Yes, you will lose weight, but keeping it off without the yo-yo syndrome is another matter.

Basically, and most easily understood is the concept that “weight gain is not caused by high caloric intake, but by consuming carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.  That is, those which convert rapidly to sugar in the bloodstream.  This in turn triggers chemical reactions in the body that cause it to store unwanted fat.  Weight loss is not achieved by counting calories, but rather by limiting certain types of foods”.     Holy Frijole, no more calories to worry about?  How wonderful is that?

The “Montignac Method” is a scientifically proven system of eating (British Journal of Nutrition—November 2001)  not just for weight loss, but also for long-term weight control.  It is designed to aid weight loss, but unlike a diet, also helps to maintain that weight loss for a lifetime.

Have you ordered the book yet?  It is not difficult, it is not a catchy come-on, it is absolutely fact which has been proven!   “The Montignac Diet” by Michel Montignac. Available on Amazon for $15.98 in paperback.  Buy the book and be sure to download the glycemic index, from their wonderful website:  Once you have read and basically understand how high glycemic foods,  processed foods, junk foods, and unhealthy additives affect your body, you will be well on your way to success.  You will understand fully why the American public are becoming the most obese peoples in the world. You will understand fully why American children are fat and unhealthy. You will understand fully how the wrong foods affect your total being.  You will understand completely why diabetes and disease are running rampant in our country…and so needlessly.

You will enjoy delicious, normal, and healthy food without having to adjust a thing in the name of “being on a diet”.  You will never again be “on a diet”…you will be wearing a beautiful body instead 🙂  FOR LIFE!

Do you want to know what went with the decadent (not!) chocolate mousse?  Here was this evening’s menu:

A mix of macadamia nuts and dry roasted almonds served with a glass of red wine.  That was the appetizer while the grill was going.

Followed by marinated and grilled flank steak.  Thinly sliced along side giant fresh steamed artichokes with a mayo dressing for dipping those healthy leaves.  A glorious salad of sweet red tomatoes mixed with fresh basil leaves and creamy, cubed mozzarella cheese, dressed (remember, we don’t like naked salads) with virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  (This salad is called “caprese” in Italy)  Plus a 1/2 avocado.  BURP.

You never again have to think about spending money on “special food” for the yo-yo diet you want to try in the hopes of losing 50 pounds in a week.  The glycemic-count is easy, inexpensive, healthy, and delicious.

Next week we are off on a road trip to the East Coast.  We will be eating in restaurants (OMG, how scary is that?) while sitting for hours in the car.  Stay tuned, I will give you a blow by blow description of life behind the windshield without nibbling on chips or chocolate Oreo cookies to while away the time.    From there we will be going to Italy again…talk about scary?  OH NO!    No matter where you are, the glycemic- count works.

Bye for now, stay tuned for more news soon.


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This is NOT about counting calories, nor carbs, nor portion control…NOT even about exercising until you want to die.  It is all about the GLYCEMIC COUNT.  It is all about losing weight and inches and feeling wonderful again.  It is all about healthy, tasty, even gourmet foods and never ever feeling guilty again.

It is all about keeping the weight off and never again having to worry about what and how you enjoy your food—no matter if you are at home, away on business, enjoying a well-earned vacation, or celebrating that special event. If you follow the method, you won’t ever gain your weight back.  LIfe will be perfectly normal.

OMG, I have been on so many diets it would make your head spin.  Just to name a few:  Weight Watchers in the early 70’s where we became proficient in slicing a piece of white “wonder bread” in half  (we then had one slice of bread, which became the two pieces for a sandwich) making a “real sandwich” for lunch.  Oh yes, then there was the liver once a week rule so that iron was in the diet, and fish 3 times a week too!  We ended up burning a hole in the middle of my favorite pan with the varied nasty spices used to poach the fish.  It took 8 months to lose 30 pounds—the reward for which was a lifetime membership and promptly gaining 50 pounds back as we congratulated ourselves on such a success.  Or, how about the aversion diet; we were told to chew everything at least 20 times, look in the mirror the entire time we were eating, and then look at ourselves with mouths open to see how the “food” looked.  No weight was lost on that one, only our minds!  Or, better yet, I had  personal weight loss therapy twice a week with a psychologist who helped me understand my “emotional eating” among other things.  And then of course there was the diet to beat all diets”  Phen-Phen!!! yipeeee.   I became skinny as hell for about 6 months, (lost 45 pounds, looked like a million bucks but felt like —-oh you know!  From  that one, 70 pounds were gained back along with a healthy fear about my heart valves.  What was I thinking?  Just call me “YO_YO” can you relate?  The total cost of all these diets combined probably would have bought us a small villa in the south of France.

We were obese enough to create diabetes 2 – heart issues – couch potatoes syndrome – and a continuing malaise.  Yet we ate and ate and ate –all the wrong things until that fateful day last May!

We now eat and eat and eat all the right foods and the weight is still coming off.  No joke, would you believe that last week I thought the washing machine was stretching all my new T-shirts. (Little like the dryer shrinking your underwear, I know mine did.)  Until I realized that it wasn’t the washing machine at all, it was my body still happily at work.  I am thrilled to buy new T-shirts among other things.

Our first day of eating healthy using the GLYCEMIC COUNT found us at the shopping mall outside of Florence, Italy.  We were starving, the food court was crammed full of Italians chowing down on gorgeous food and slurping their wine.  What were we going to do now?  How would we start? What would we eat?  We walked among the tables peaking at everyone’s plate, then we gathered our courage and stepped up to the counter to order:  NO PROBLEM, here was our lunch:  A glorious salad of mixed greens with fresh sliced fennel bulbs (popular in Italy), little ruby-red tomatoes, black olives and shredded raw carrots.  Dressed (who eats a naked salad?) with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and delectable balsamic vinegar.  This was followed by a large chicken breast which had been seasoned, grilled, and sliced, served on a bed of arugula and topped with parmesan shavings.  Mineral water and a great glass of Chianti (hey we are in Tuscany remember?)  to help us suffer the meal, and a cappuccino tall with creamy white foam as dessert.  We were stuffed.

Were we really supposed to eat all those things and still lose weight?  Couldn’t be true could it?  YES absolutely.

So, now, for you–the first thing to do is go to and print out the glycemic index of foods.  While you are doing this, send your flying fingers to and order the book:  THE MONTIGNAC DIET. Dec 2005.  Paperback.  Blue Book with a wine glass full of red wine  on the cover.  The entire investment will cost you $15.98 USD.  BUY THIS BOOK.   It is a $15.98 investment which will become your best friend and serve you well.  (was that a pun?)

From there we will continue together.  You will have questions, I will have answers and some great recipes and sources to share.  The only thing you have to lose is bad health and excess weight. No more Fad diets, no more Yo-Yo syndrome.  What you will gain is self-respect, feeling and looking wonderful, and above all… your good health.

See you soon, hopefully after you have read the book, I will help you understand the basic concept.  The rest is easy and delicious.

Till later,


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You May Be Wondering…

Glycemic Method?  Eat yourself slim?  Are you kidding me? 

On our way to the summer digs in Italy, airline tickets purchased and bags were packed. Just needed a quick stop at the doctor for the last minute check-in for normal test results. A cardiac event some years ago required the yearly check in before we could go anywhere.

Our world crashed; the diagnosis was Diabetes type 2.  Add to that, at least 50 pounds had to go!  Insulin in tablet form was prescribed to be taken with every meal.  A complicated dietary exchange booklet was handed to us in order to count carbs, sugars, and foods in general. What… No more pasta? No more pizza? No more chocolate?  No more wine? Life as we knew it seemed to have gone down the drain.

We took our shell shocked selves and boarded the plane bound for beautiful food land, thinking that this was the end of our life as we knew and loved it.  We dutifully read the booklet, ate a bland and complicated diet, spent most of our waking moments trying to figure out what to exchange for what, and were generally miserable not to mention hungry!

With your permssion I need to digress so that you understand the background to this blog:

7 years ago we were invited to dinner with friends in Austria. We had only just met them a few months before.  She prefaced the invitation by saying that they were on the “Glycemic Method” and that she would be serving us the same thing they ate.  It seems that while she is very thin anyway, he had been given instructions by his physician to lose weight.  At the time of our dinner, he had apparently already shed 30 pounds in a very short time.

Dinner was fresh salmon which had been marinated and grilled.  Served with a lovely green salad, incredibly green broccoli, and delectable white asparagus with drawn butter on the side.  We had the choice of a crisp white wine or a deep red wine to accompany the meal.  Dessert was an assortment of cheese served with fresh berries, and of course the famous Austrian Schlagobers (whipped cream) to go with the berries and the coffee.  How on earth did he lose all that weight so quickly eating that?

My friend handed me her secret weapon:  “The Montignac Methode”, written in German of course.  Holy cow, I needed to slog through this boring thing and in German no less?  She gave me the book as a gift;  little did I realize that it would be the most wonderful gift we could have ever received.   We took it with us to Italy where I spent the next days reading the book cover to cover in my Mother’s language.   Then I promptly put it down again and forgot about it for a very long time.  Until that dreadful day last May…

By the time we arrived in Italy, I had decided that it was time to do something about the excess weight for us both.  That there was no way in hell I was going to spend the rest of my life counting and exchanging foods from a booklet, that Mr. Man Unit was not going to take insulin in tablet form for the rest of his life, that we had too much of a life to live, and that this could be achieved quite easily.  I ran for the book on the dusty bookshelf!!!

That was a year ago.  Let me tell you that he has lost over 65 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds. We have both gone down three (count them) three sizes in our clothes.  He is no longer taking insulin. The blood sugars are normal.   His cholesterol bad levels went down over 40 points and his good levels came up over 22 points.  Yesterday he told me that he found a belt he wore in high school which now fits…pretty good wouldnt you agree?  And we eat and we eat and we eat.  And when we are hungry we eat some more!  We have wine on a daily basis, we enjoy lovely cheese, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy, grains, pasta, and CHOCOLATE.

The “Montignac Methode” was then ordered from Amazon.UK  because I needed a reference in English.  This book along with a couple of others by Michel Montignac were my “daily bread” so to speak for months.  Never a day went by that it was not in my hand either for a recipe or a reference.  The glycemic method has saved our tails in more ways than one.  I invite you to check out this link:

“Back before anyone else talked about the glycemic index in relation to weight control, and long before the many fad “GI” diets of today, there was Michel Montignac.   Msr. Montignac was the first in 1986- in a line of many to follow- to use the glycemic index for weight control.  He developed a scientifically proven system of eating not just for weight loss but for long-term weight control:  he called it the “Montignac Method”.

“Rejecting long held beliefs, Michel Montignac asserted that high-glycemic carbohydrates like refined grains and sugars—-not total caloric intake—–cause weight gain.  He maintained that weight loss is not achieved by counting calories but by limiting certain types of food.”   AND THIS IS WHAT THIS BLOG WILL TEACH YOU TO DO EASILY AND WITH TERRIFIC HEALTHY RESULTS.

There are no gimmicks, only delicious foods in multiple styles and cuisines with wonderful results.  Anyone can do this; no matter the age, lifestyle, or income level.

Stay tuned, “more news at 11:00”.  Enjoy your wonderful day!


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